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Fluid Handling Chemraz Perfluoroelastomer Compounds




605 0ºF to 500ºF CHEMRAZ

A high temperature compound with superior physical properties and chemical resistance comparable to Chemraz 505. This compound excels in demanding dynamic applications and exhibits unparalleled performance in high temperature steam and water.
Chemraz 605: Recently received USP Class VI Certification

505 -20ºF to 425ºF CHEMRAZ

A field proven universal compound having a broader range of chemical resistance than any other single compound on the market. Chemraz 505 is the elastomer of choice used to seal better than 90% of the most demanding services found in the chemical process and refining industries.

615 0ºF to 615ºF CHEMRAZ The highest temperature Perfluoroelastomer on the market. Chemraz 615 can handle continuous operating temperatures up to 615ºF with outstanding resistance to fatal thermal related compression set.
526 0ºF to 500ºF CHEMRAZ This specialty black compound was formulated for incredible resistance to explosive decompression damage common in high pressure gas services. Chemraz 526 is also used in monomer services where polymerization attacks and ruptures common elastomeric seals.
600 -4°F to 500°F CHEMRAZ This compound provides unparalled performance in hot water & steam. Extremely broad chemical resistance range & is made from a high density base polymer. High temperature capability.
584-585 -22ºF to 428ºF CHEMRAZ These specialty cream Chermaz compounds are formulated to withstand the most demanding chemical process applications. Chemraz 584 and 585 are the elastomers of choice for strong oxidation fluids and hot aqueous solutions.
510 -22° F to 446° CHEMRAZ Because of its versatility, Chemraz 510is often used as standard compound for sealing at high pressure. Broad chemical compatibility for use with a wide range of harsh solutions. Low temperature capability.
514-517 -20ºF to 425ºF CHEMRAZ The white industrial compounds are for applications where contamination from carbon black must be prevented.
SD 505 22ºF to 428ºF CHEMRAZ General purpose compound used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Broad chemical resistance range. Excellent low temperature capability
SD 605 4ºF to 500ºF CHEMRAZ Used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Superior resistance to steam above 300°F and the CIP/SIP Process. High temperature compound. Broad chemical resistance range. Excellent in dynamic applications.
SD 585 22ºF to 428ºF CHEMRAZ Special non-black compound used in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing. Used when particulation of carbon black must be avoided. Excellent chemical resistance. Superior resistance in aqueous solutions.
SD 625 20ºC to 260ºC
-4ºF to 500ºF
CHEMRAZ Utilized in a wide range of critical process equipment such as mechanical seals, valves, pumps, mixers and fermenters,
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