ARLON® CP LABYRINTH SEALS (The one material for all your sealing needs)
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Greene Tweed USA’s Arlon CP ® Labyrinth Seals are being used world wide in increasing number of application including Turbo Machinery applications due to following reasons:
  1. Excellent Chemical Resistance – virtually 0-14pH material
  2. Moisture & Hydrolysis Resistance
    It has excellent resistance to moisture and hot moist gases. It can even withstand LP steam cleaning.
  3. Low coefficient of Thermal Expansion : Since Coefficient of Thermal Expansion is low, it permits very close shaft clearance & thus results in improved efficiency.
  4. Non-galling : This will not score or damage shaft and impellers.
  5. Good Machining : Very easy to machine and does not require treatment with Quenching fluids thus economical machining operation.
  6. High Mechanical Strength : High modulus even at high working temperature.
  7. Performance Record : Our labyrinth seals are in use for now over ten years and users have been experiencing efficiency raise of 3% to 8% using our labyrinth seals.
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